Compensation and Pension Exam

DIS was tasked with developing a national outreach campaign to address Veteran frustration and lack of understanding around the Compensation and Pension exam process. We implemented a national campaign with an updated branding effort, targeted digital outreach, direct stakeholder engagement, the creation of 13 videos, and a suite of national outreach materials. During the first 6 months of the C&P exam campaign, we reached more than 110,000 Veterans with direct emails and had 214,000 landing page views, more than 43,000 material downloads, 44,000 video views, and approximately 170,000 web sessions to date. With the development of additional education videos, audience reach, and engagement continued to grow substantially throughout the remainder of 2017. The survey data also shows that in all 50 states, Veterans who indicated that they received or saw VA C&P exam-related materials prior to their exam have a higher percentage (83.4 percent) satisfaction rate than those who indicated they did not receive any materials (73.2 percent satisfaction rate). This data confirms that the initiative to provide Veterans with more information prior to their exams has a positive impact on overall Veteran satisfaction with their VA C&P exam process.


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration, Benefits Assistance Service


March 1, 2020