Podcast: DIS’s John Condon: From Output to Outcomes Using OKRs

In this exciting episode of the OKRs Q&A Podcast, Atruity’s Tim Meinhardt interviews John Condon, Chief Growth Officer at Dynamic Integrated Services (DIS).

John begins by talking about enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and serving in Viet Nam as an infantry radioman before being awarded an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. He later commanded the USS HERMITAGE, guiding that ship and its crew through a significant period of improvement for which the ship was awarded the prestigious Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy for “most improved ship in the U.S. Atlantic Fleet.”

His impressive background makes for a very lively conversation, and you will quickly see how his experiences play into his viewpoints on OKRs, the management framework, and why OKRs work so well in numerous organizations, including governmental agencies and our own organization—DIS. 

John and Tim talk about how using OKRs can bring laser focus to management.

Listen to the full podcast or read the transcript here.

John has extensive experience in both public and private sector operations. He has consulted with numerous large government agencies and departments, leading them through major organizational change and operational improvement. His close work with government executives and managers has included a great deal of coaching on change management and team-building techniques, which contributed significantly to his work in co-authoring Improvement Driven Government: Public Service for the 21st Century. John was named by Federal Computer Week as one of 2001’s “Federal 100”—the top executives from government, industry, and academia who had the greatest impact on the government information systems community.